Emergency First Response® courses could be a combination of adult, child and infant CPR and First Aid Skills.  There is always the option of including the Automated External Defibrillator (AED) training. They can be taught together, as stand-alone courses or in any combination. We can customize our course delivery to meet your timing and training needs. You want to fit it all in one day, no problem! You prefer to spread it out over a few days and have more lecture time – we can make that happen for you too!

Instructional Innovation

Our innovative independent study method of delivery helps you learn and remember more. This leading-edge method is flexible enough to accommodate many learning styles. With independent study, your time with your EFR Instructor is focused on skill development rather than lecture. More time to practice and master the skills. It’s effective, efficient and a lot of fun!

Courses Currently Offered


Primary Care CourseSecondary Care CourseCPR & AED CourseCare for Children
This course teaches you to respond to life-threatening emergencies. It will give you confidence in your ability to provide care when emergency situations arise. You will learn how to recognize life-threatening emergencies like: heart attack, cardiac arrest, stroke and airway obstruction.

Some of the skills you’ll learn in this class include scene safety assessment, transmissible disease protection, CPR, obstructed airway, drowning, serious bleeding, shock and spinal injury management.

This course is what we used to call ‘First Aid’. It covers injuries and illnesses that are not immediately life-threatening. You’ll practice injury assessment that helps you determine the location and extent of all the patient’s injuries. You’ll also learn the steps for illness assessment that helps you identify and report medical problems that affect a patient’s health and may aid in treatment.

Bandaging wounds, sprains and strains along with splinting dislocations and fractures round out the skills you need to provide secondary care.

This is a stand-alone CPR and AED course that typically takes about 4 hours to complete. You will learn how to recognize a cardiac arrest, or what could lead up to it. The most important Ins & Outs of the use of AEDs will be covered. Participants will get the chance to practice different skills like one and two rescuer CPR and AED use for adults and children.

This is the ideal course for businesses that need to meet compliance requirements while minimizing time spent away from the job.

If you interact with children, you know that accidents happen. It’s all part of growing up. Most of the time they are insignificant, but sometimes children suffer from serious medical problems.

Throughout the course you will learn how to handle situations involving injured or ill children.

A great combination is combining Primary & Secondary Care together – that can be done as fast as in one day!

Add another hour for AED training and you’ve covered it all!

If you like to take it easy and get more lecture time, we can also spread it out over 2 or 3 days – up to you!

Successful participants will receive an internationally recognized certification card which is valid for 2 years.

A refresher course is strongly recommended after 1 year, but if you’d prefer to do this after 6 months it’s even better!

Don’t forget: if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it!